The Y.S. Radio Show

The Yinka Sulaiman Radio Show

IMG_8851The YINKA SULAIMAN RADIO SHOW/ Talk is where ARTS,  (PHOTO-GRAPHICS -AUDIO & VIDEO TALK) FUN & HEALING meet with FAITH, for CRISIS PREVENTION.  You are as old as you feel.        Before we progress, a reminder here.  Hire our THERAPEUTIC VOCALISTs. We deliver. THE YINKA SULAIMAN  THERAPEUTIC TUNES -It is harmonious. YINKAS-BAND-CARNIVAL-NO-PHONE-#-Sept (2016_04_23 01_15_25 UTC)

Back to The Yinka Sulaiman Radio Show/Talk  Where we talk about all of the  above   even as we take   care of the mind. MIND MATTERS.      You can talk to us too at our studio if you are in the Washington DC Metro Area or on the telephone if you are in another part of the world. Studio Session is strictly by invitation and by invitation alone. NO WALK INS PLEASE. Call us on 240-582-5137 leave a voice message  and we’ll get back to you ASAP or @ or fill out a form here @  Also if you would like to be our studio guest as our GUEST OF THE WEEK, that is if there is something you would like to teach us or share with us, let us know.

STUDIO CLASSROOM ADVERT 0We also teach ARTS FOR HEALING classes, which is what the Show is mostly about – for children youths and adults. Our classes are  inclusive and faith based. It is also a safe and trusting environment for creative expression.  We are conveniently located in Lanham in the Washington DC Metro Area. Our CLASSROOM includes the STUDIO  where we put together CREATIVE ARTS as healing tools for balance – MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY EMOTIONALLY and SPIRITUALLY.  Projects includes VISUAL ARTS, HEALING TALKS, DANCE, DRAMA, OPEN MIC and others. With God all things shall be possible. Our work is a Call To Service. It is more than for profit even as we eke out a living. For more information reach out to us@

Use the e-mail and form format or leave a voice message. We Shall get back to you ASAP.  NO WALK INS PLEASE. STRICTLY BY INVITATIONIMG_8851.