audio logo ifkean  We can help you document your Family, Personal and or Individual Stories.
Document and Preserve  both your Personal and Family History. Record it. Document it. Do it professionally.  We can help you do that for less. It is your family’s story.  The story of  your life. Tell it in your own words as a sort of an audio family tree – a unique gift for your unborn generation. It becomes priceless as time goes by.

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Hello, I’m Yinka Sulaiman Ruth

Hi yo’ all. I am Yinka Sulaiman Ruth of The Yinka Sulaiman Ruth Studios – for  short. I am an Artiste (I Write, Produce & Record. I danced too and still sing in public performances) I am also an Artist. That means I do visual creativity too. Yes! Photo – Graphics, Audio-Video Recordings & Manipulations.  That has always been my path.

On The Yinka Sulaiman Radio Talk  PODCAST where we will give out tricks of the trade – some studio techniques & skills that could earn some quick spare pocket change. We will also talk BEHAVIOR HEALTH which is simply THERAPEUTIC.  Yes, therapeutic.                   We talk Therapy, Sing Therapy & learn Therapy.

The therapeutic talk is particularly necessary for our young ones who may be vulnerable to making bad choices. It is very hard to be a teenager in today’s world. As a mother, former Public School Teacher & Special Needs and Animal Advocate, I reach out to other knowledgeable minds for useful hints that could help not our youths alone but all of us in general (including animals) live productive lives. We talk these and other things.

Please reach out to us if these sounds like something you can educate us about. We’ll call it “Curious Conversation” We want to learn from you. We want to gain from your life experience (s).  Fill out the form below or e-mail us please. We’ll get back to you ASAP.    No phone calls please.

Again, I do  PHOTO-GRAPHICS-AUDIO-VIDEO.  Those have always been my path. Imagine It & We’ll Bring It To Life! It’s my day job. This means we are very busy as we do a lot of other creative work at the yinka sulaiman ruth studios. We document your life and bring your ideas to life.

So if we are too busy, we’ll get you the best hands to handle the job.  A trial will surely convince you. Peruse this website as we grow into it and see what we can do for you and with you – creatively speaking that is. Leave a message if you can, We will get back to you ASAP.