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IMG_7765 - Copy - CopyThis is The Yinka Sulaiman Ruth Studios. We sound like a Radio Station but we are actually Market Place For All That Is Good, For Greater Good. All these I am going to talk about tomorrow Sunday 9/11/2016. I will talk about it now with you and you can also call in tomorrow afternoon 1pm – 3pm there about, Eastern Time. That is when our Renewed Mentoring Podcast comes up Live on Sound Cloud. This is it. -Photo-Graphics-Audio & Video At A Reasonable Price. So, Talk To Us About Your Next Project.

We are not new on the block we been there since 2009 but under another name like ifkean Studios, Ifkean Photos. Sounds familiar? Yes, a I said elsewhere,  now that we actually  getting ready to move to our own space  soon (as this space is getting smaller for our visions)though we still share Classroom space with the Driving School)  we are now experimenting with our actual names – better isn’t it? It may sound mouthful but our names are our names.

Now, WYKRDC is where we meet all of your Media needs Photo-Graphics-Audio-Video and beyond. There are some other hard to define emotionally satisfying services that we provide. Like You Think It and We’ll Bring It To Life. If we are too busy, we’ll get some of the best hands to do the job for you and be sure it will be thoroughly supervised or I will personally take it over.

WYKRDC is a child of necessity, a product of the need to give back and share all experiences of life, borne out of tough Motherhood, long career life and service as a Teacher (Special & Regular Ed), Journalist,  Mentor, Photographer, Producer, Nerd, Computer Geek and of the above rolled into one, and much more. Yes. Geeky, Nerdy, it’s OK.  It is a gift.

Now, let’s get to work & talk about all that we can do together and for you – beautiful minds out there. Beautiful minds are simply beautiful.  ‘E don’t’ matter what body they are in or what ethnicity they are from. is where you can talk about that idea in your head that no one understands. That idea you need some non judgment ears to listen to and just kind of check it out for you and with you.  Ruminate on how to bring it to life – from the abstract to the concrete. Because if you have not done it, you have to – bring it to life.

You think you are too old to record your own song? Please. You are as old as you feel. Age does not mean your interest and passion will disappear, I say it is time for you to talk about it and see where it leads. You could be in for a surprise. What I’m saying is if there some kind of bulb that lights up in your head, please check it out first before you dismiss it. It may be nothing but then it could be something. Don’t worry about them Nay Sayers. They don’t have a clue until it is brought to concrete where they can see, touch, feel, hear, smell and or taste it. Visit us @ for more information on this.Freelance Contract Worker Employee Independent Consultant Word C

You can also ‘Talk About Yourself’. Yess. Talk about how far you have come and how you ‘done’ it. It is like taking stock and sharing (If you want to). Listen back to yourself. Flaunt what you got. It’s OK. I am not saying bragging but you know just giving yourself a little pat on the back once in a while. Call us & let’ work something out. Out there is no longer for loud mouths alone. Showcase your achievements.  It is time for people behind the scene to be heard and be seen too.

The Yinka Sulaiman Radio Show is therapeutic.  We talk creativity there all the time. ‘The Tech Talk’ segment will be on this Sunday. We are going to talk about ‘why you should document your life’ for your future generation and how you can do such for less and the future therapeutic effects of doing so. Also to let you know it is good investment when you invest in your future self. It becomes priceless with time. It may not matter much now but give it some 10 years when you or your families look back.

You can talk t us on how to do that and we will have a pre conference on details of that. Photo-Video-Audio-Graphics, Talk to us. Call Us @ 240-582-5137, 1800-761-3404

Then we can schedule that conference to discuss details of how to Record your FAMILY & PERSONAL HISTORY in your own voice as a legacy for your future generation. Family History – Everybody has got one.

Also on the Show tomorrow, we’ll talk about other things we can do for you up in here @ reasonable price like PORTRAITS – HEAD SHOTS, PRODUCTS, FAMILY, BABIES, CHILDREN, PETS, SENIORS.



On The Show, you can ask how ‘we’ intend to do all that we claim to do. Yes, We, Me, I, there are many Geeks & Nerds waiting behind the scene to get to work for you as soon as we figure out exactly what you want done. Check us out at and see that we do more.

Y.K. STUDIO CLASSROOM. –Now this is something I am particularly excited about. This is where we pass on some of the studio technique & Skills to younger generation of emerging Artiste, Creative minds and future Media Entrepreneurs. Would it not be an honor to say in the years to come at their Academy Award Ceremony Speech that the journey to greatness started at

 We not only talk about Studio Skills & Techniques in the classroom, we also talk Behavior Health because Mind Matters. We talk about ways to prevent accidents (of any kind) before it happens. That is by making wise choices because we are the total package of the choices that we make. We watch videos of consequences of bad choices like Drinking and Driving, Skipping School, Cutting Classes, Speeding and etc.

I know, what has all of the above got to do with Teaching Job Skills right? Because any of the above can shatter dreams, ruin lives and God forbid, death.  Go to to learn more about our Studio Classroom for School Age Children. Studio Skills and Techniques that are otherwise not taught in the formal school settings. Knowledge of which could earn them some spare change on the side, keep them busy instead of getting into trouble or playing video games over & over on weekends.  Our classroom is inclusive, on first come first serve basis and at reasonable price.

You may be up for a surprise at what your child can do with softwares. Start their future Academy Award Journey at Teach them everything. You never know which one might come handy later in life and it is never too early to start them.  We talk Job Skills PHOTO-GRPHICS-AUDIO& VIDEO -HANDs ON.  For more details, go to or    Call 1-800-761-3404 or 240-582-5137.

These are some of the topics we shall discuss or that I intend to elaborate on tomorrow on the first Edition of the Yinka Sulaiman Radio Podcast. We will come on live @ I pm Eastern Time. You can teach us too anything that you think we can learn from you or any nice suggestion you may have is welcome for the good of the order.

Have you heard about THE YINKA SULAIMAN’s BAND OF THERAPY? It is about The Healing Arts with Faith for Crisis Prevention. Raw Vocal, Arts, Entertainment, Alternative  & Holistic Health.  This is where The Healing Arts meets with Fun and with Faith – All for Crisis Prevention. Hire our Band. We Deliver. Call us. @ 1888-761-3404.                                            The Yinka Sulaiman Therapeutic Tunes are Songs For The Mind.

OK.  Thank you for reading this lengthy piece about all that we do and can do with you and for you.  The best thing is to call our numbers 1888-761-3404 for free consultation if you have to.  Don’t worry, I pick and direct most calls.  The Students call me Ms. Ruth.

So join us tomorrow 9/11/ 2016 for The Yinka Sulaiman Radio Podcast. We intend to cover all of the above and more. This is just to give you a heads up

 My name is Yinka Sulaiman Ruth- Oluwa Rotimi.

Thank You & Bye For Now.

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