Welome To The Y.S. Show/Talk


CURRENCY-BACKGROUNDThis is The Yinka Sulaiman Radio Show/Talk. A show For Crisis Prevention. All Discussion, Talks and Chats are meant to be Compassionate and Non judgmental. I am simply a Tech Nerd. I  love and embrace Technology. Love it so much I have been back to college several times to do credit courses –PHOTO-GRAPHICS- AUDIO-VIDEO. Today, I co owned and manage a studio IFKEAN STUDIO. Ifkean Studio is the backbone of WYKRDC.org.

I have done many other jobs in my life like I been into so many careers but one thing I will always be is a Tech Minded (Conscious?) Person . I enjoy my own company and I use those Me time productively & wisely. I also like to Mentor and Teach. I’ve in real life been a Public School Teacher from Africa to Down Town Washington DC – K-12. I have been a News Editor, Anchor, Radio& Television Personality.

I am also An Artiste & Artist. I Sing, Write & Produce. Again I am a proudly Nerdy. Everything I claim to have done here, I have done. I am very gifted & talented Mother & many things to many people.

I’ve always been a very very curious mind. Would go to any length to get informed. Even when  was a broke very weird elementary school kid back in the day I would read anything in print. Listen with rapt attention to Radio Talks on my father’s radio box. The same to any song played on Radio or the Gramophone.   My curiosity helped me understand many points of view and see things from larger perspective which has brought me this far. It also has sustained me through all the up & downs of life – there have been many.

Motherhood has further taught me to be even more understanding, sympathetic & compassionate. Not to judge anyone because we may not know what they might be going through.

I am also an Passionate Advocate -Disability, Youth and Animal Advocate. I a Youth Mentor. I train & mentor emerging Artists and Artiste here @ the Studio.  I put up all my life’s experiences as of all the above mentioned to help any way I could. My 2 Podcast (Tech Talk & The Yinka Sulaiman Radio Show) centers around them too. Silver & gold I do not have but I have goodwill in abundance and a non judging  listening ears to listen without interruption when they need someone to talk.

I have this ——- to research many known dis orders afflicting us on this Planet Earth and there are a whole lots of them. I not only research them but also research & study ways to live successful and fulfilling lives even in spite of whatever one might be going through.

I talk about these things, write about them and my songs are also woven around such. That is why The Yinka Sulaiman Radio Show/Talk is simply THERAPEUTIC! on WYKRDC.org.

,WYKRDC.org is FOR GREATER GOOD. We do a whole lot on WYKRDC.org. It is an avenue to show case our many work. I don’t want to say mine alone because a tree can not make a forest. Other peoples work are equally show cased. WE do PHOTO-VIDEO-AUDIO & GRAPHICS. Using all available software like PHOTOSHOP, ILLUSTRATOR, AUDACITY, I MOVIE or SONY MOVIE STUDIO, We put together lots of stuffs – PHOTO, VIDEO, AUDIO & GRAPHICS for display. Most of the Stuffs you are gonna see on this Website would be put together here at WYKRDC.org. I am a Geek & Nerd – again but I use my Me time doing all of the above and also Reading, Writing & Creating. There are many side to this person -Me. I intend to put it all on display  PHOTO, VIDEO, AUDIO & GRAPHICS. All side of myself up in here.                                                                 Welcome – Again.001  INVITATION TOO THE YS SHOW

Next we are gonna talk about AUTISM. Google it and let us know what you come up with. Also if there is a story you’ll like to share. Fill up the above form or call us.

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