audio logo ifkean  We can help you document your Family, Personal and or Individual Stories.
Document and Preserve  both your Personal and Family History. Record it. Document it. Do it professionally.  We can help you do that for less. It is your family’s story.  The story of  your life. Tell it in your own words as a sort of an audio family tree – a unique gift for your unborn generation. It becomes priceless as time goes by.

Children grow so fast too. Your little ones will not be so little for ever. It is OK to document their growth every year. Ten years down the road  you and your Child will be glad you did as they grow so fast as times goes by fast. So document your child’s milestone.  Document them both pictorially. So do it now.

We are child & family friendly. We give enough time to make sure the job is done right. There’s no rushing off the studio for time constraint.  Call for more detailsYinka Studios Logo With Studio Background

Portrait of beautiful mixed race family at home

Portrait of beautiful mixed race family at home by fireplace, all smiling, little girl in the middle.

Cat and dog, abyssinian kitten , golden retriever looks at right

Cat and dog. PET PORTRAIT.

cropped-chicken-in-make-up-advert-photo-very-good.jpgBlack woman and white man, interracial coupleOmidan Aanu -The Yinka Sulaiman Ruth Studios.

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